Botswana National Museum and Monuments hosts a prominent radio program :Motswedi wa Ditso once named Museum o o Tshelang dating back to 1984.It is a 15 minute radio program aired over Radio Botswana and it is aimed at educating and informing the public about a wide range of issues on heritage.Under its invigorated phase the programme features topics on culture, history and environment.The broadcast offers 60% coverage on museum disciplines including Art, Archeology, Education, Ethnology and Natural History.40% covers oral traditions, oral histories, in fact in its initial phase it covered and recorded details of oral histories and traditions, an approach to preserving the intangible and tangible manifestations of a disappearing countryside.Motswediwaditso still provides a framework for rural voices to be heard amongst established voices.The overriding objective at Botswana National Museum is currently Monument Development: A movement to better the quality of life among Batswana but in the same vein to make communities manage their own natural resources.

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