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Meteriotes herald death of Chief

Incase you have seen something like this around Tuli block or Bobirwa area, please alert National Museum or Geological Surveys.Pic coutesy of Wikiedia as seen at Oregon state in the USA
Mr Mohutshiwa Gabadirwe, Botswana National Museum Geologist this Sunday will further inform Motswediwaditso Listeners after a press release from Botswana Daily News about a phenemoneon of a falling shooting star from the sky.Those who have extensively studied this are geologists. What is even more interesting is how the radio crew notably the producer, Ms Motlotle, the Presenter, Ms Sibanda are able to capture the views and opinions of Batswana about this phenemenon.Relating this occurance to the death of a King or Chief by the public interviwed is quite fascinating. The World search Wiki has this to say about this strange unusual occurance: A meteorite is a natural object originating in outer space that survives impact with the Earth's surface. Most meteorites derive from small astronomical object…

Tsodilo Hills gets Facelift

Moments captured at Tsodilo World Heritage site coutesy of Photography Unit, behind the scene, a seasoned photographer Mr Manele

 A new trust which is jointly funded by Debswana and De Beers has donated P10 million to a trust fund that administers a number of community projects in the Tsodilo area. The trust, which is known as the Diamond Trust, was launched this week.Tsodilo Hills is a UNESCO world heritage site of universal significance. Its history is depicted through preserved archaeological records chronicling human activities and environmental changes that span more than 100 000 years. Among other things the trust would actively engage Tsodilo communities not only in the benefits that may accrue, but also in their responsibility to take of natural resources.Among the speakers at this event were the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Sheila Khama and Tsodilo Chiefs..Motswediwatso airs this significant event.

Indigeneous knowledge gets recognition

This is to announce that there is an upcoming formulation of policy on Indigeneuos knowldge systems, a welcome develoment indeed from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology: Department of Research Science and Technology (DRST). As a custodian, repository of Botswana cullture, The National Museum is duly represented and is sitting in the steering committee.The details of terms of reference will be attached as soon as a consultancy to carry out the work is identified.

Tsodilo Hills World heritage site

Debswana and De Bebeers tthrough Diamond Trust, an initiative aimed to support community-based projects  finaly reaching  fruition this coming week, on the 19th November 2009. The first project to receive funds from the P10 million trust is the Tsodilo Hills Heritage site and it will be duly faciliated by Letloa Trust, the National Museum and communities of Tsodilo.Other departments include Tourism, Lands and other stakeholders. From the Museum a detailed Integrated Management Plan will be presented for the whole management of the Tsodilo Hills.This event will be officially launched by honorouble Kitso Mokaila, the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism.
This Sunday, The Director of the National Museum, Mr Phorano and Corporate Investment Manager, Mr Barulaganye Mogotsi from Diamond Trust  tell the listerners what the project entails.

                                                                                       pic adapted from

Second lap research: 100 sites

Out of the 100 sites, explored and investigated here at the National Museum they are emerging tales, legends that are informed by archeological, natural, ethnological, and historical
evidences.An  enthusiatic team encompassing all the afore mentioned disciplines has been dispatched into the field in the Southern region beginning the 2nd of November 2009 to undertake reasearch to unearth ramanants of Botswana cultures.

What is emerging from the first monumental picture is that this footprint is found in Kanye, this site has recently been recommended as a site worth development.Pic coutersy of Museum Photography Unit. Another footprint attributed to Matsing measuring over 32cm in length, is found near Mochudi. the distance is well over 200km. A left footprint is at the Kobokwe Cave, which is at least 50km away from Mochudi. Another footprint can be found at Tswapong. This footrint depicted here  is clearly not large nor is it near giant, could it possibly be one of his people foot?
For …

100 sites project

Additional 100 heritage sites are probed for possiblities of tourism and ultimatelty employment for communities.Among them there is Lecha la kgoro at Kgoro village:Borolong area.Motsenekatse ruins in Molapowabojang, Mmalegaga gorge in Lentsweletau, Matsieng footprint in Kanye just to mention a few.Here on your right is a portion of the amazing Mmamotshwane gorge found in the village of Mogonye which has been turned into a true monumental site.Over the weekend, I met an ardent adventurer who has toured most parts of Botswana who told me how the Museum has indeed made a sterling job by ensuring the area is accessible.This gentleman had last toured this site in the 80s which by then was not easily accessible.However he thought the fee charged to enter was a bit steep, do you think the same?


Revival of Dikgafela cultural festival, long abondoned tradition is celebrated in Moshupa for the first time since Botswana Independence in the 60s.Motswediwaditso investigated this tradition and how it can be used to alleviate poverty in todays context just as it was used as a social intervention for those who did not have enough food in the past.
photo taken from museum photography division

Komatsu adopts Three Chiefs

Botswana National Museum and Monuments enters into contract with Komatsu for Three Chiefs Monument Development on the 5th October 2009 in the Art Conference room.Representing the Museum from the left is Principal Curator Archeology: Mr Mokobi and Mr Mogotsi, Deputy Director, Komatsu is reperesented by Mr  Ngakayagae and Martin Cowley the  General Manager.

Radio Listernership Survey

This blog serves to give all Departments at National Museum Monuments Motswedi wa Ditso Radio Program radio line up.Have a look and make suggestions and comments on how we can on a weekly basis redefine this program and make it what the Museum strives to achieve. There is a listernership survey for museum employees at the bottom please fill this questionnaire to revamp Motswedi wa Ditso in accordance with your answer.This is a blog poll and cannot replicate all radio listeners.

Relic of the Month from museum collections

This basket carefully knitted and woven comes from Ethnography collections; Batswana Cultural Property.Bayei classic piece collected in the 70s.marvel at the motifs