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Tabboos associated with cattle

pic coutesy of National Museum Audio Visual Division: Dikgafela rennaisance from Moshopa village 2009: Celebrating harvesting season: Iconic feature, leaving pots on head unaided.
Happy 2010 collegues, we hope its going to be a wonderful year now  that the world  economic recession is hinting an upward turn, the National Museum is set to continue its objective in particular Monument develoment.This however does not mean the Museum shall ignore its other core activities.Motswediwaditso radio program for one is still here recording and airing Botswana oral traditions, this week we feature taboos associated with cattle,modimo o nko  e metsi.A cow is a symblol  of wealth for most Batswana, such that if you dont have it  you are considreed poor, that is why statistaically there are more cattle than people in Botswana.
TodayElderly Informants from Makalamabedi, Mr Ramokhu Sokwane, Dikgwa Montsho, Botema Tshekiso and Botsile Ndau relate how cattle is protected through myths and taboos. What i…