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100 sites project

Additional 100 heritage sites are probed for possiblities of tourism and ultimatelty employment for communities.Among them there is Lecha la kgoro at Kgoro village:Borolong area.Motsenekatse ruins in Molapowabojang, Mmalegaga gorge in Lentsweletau, Matsieng footprint in Kanye just to mention a few.Here on your right is a portion of the amazing Mmamotshwane gorge found in the village of Mogonye which has been turned into a true monumental site.Over the weekend, I met an ardent adventurer who has toured most parts of Botswana who told me how the Museum has indeed made a sterling job by ensuring the area is accessible.This gentleman had last toured this site in the 80s which by then was not easily accessible.However he thought the fee charged to enter was a bit steep, do you think the same?