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Enlivening our values

Sorry for blog posting delay. Its mainly server challenges. there is a lot that has happened notably a month long  trip to 100 monuments by a consortium of 6 researchers each made of a botanist, ethno-historian, archeologist, a geologist, endermotologist and a film photographer.It was huge covering most part of Botswana and we are all confident it will bear fruit.This is a movement to make communities earn from their heritage, wala

An exhibition themed, Enlivening our values was no doubt a resounding success. The comments by visitors at the exhibition show the outstanding creativity of the curatorial team that worked tirelessly to put this up.It coincided with International Museum Day entittled, Museum and Social Harmony.

Okavango Delta is making headlines around the world, no wonder its being listed on World Heritage Listing. And its done here at the Museum.As of now we are working around the clock through the Director of course to consult communities around the area.

This week Mmeg…