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Botswana Cultural Property soon to be protected

Botswana Government through The Botswana National Museum is  facilitating  the ratification of three conventions: namely :1970 Convention on the means of prohibiting and prevention and fight against illicit import, export and transfer of cultural property.1995 UNIDROIT convention on the restitution and return of cultural objects to countries of origin.1954 Hague Convention and its protocols, -advocates for the protection of cultural property in case of armed conflict, which might also extend to natural disasters. The Botswana National Museum made commitment to facilitate ratification at a UNESCO workshop in Namibia in 2011.As a follow up to this commitment, the department submitted a proposal to UNESCO Headquarters in Paris/France to fund the ratification exercise and 26 000 Euro has so far been allocated for the ratification exercise through the UNESCO Participation Programme.
In June, 2012, the National Museum conducted a sensitization workshop for stakeholders who have in turn…

Why the Okavango Delta must be a World Heritage site


Why the Okavango Delta deserves World Heritage Nomination

Within Botswana landscapes lies a green  oasis,  inland Delta estimated  half the size of Belgium,  making it  Africas largest delta. It has permanent swamps approximately half the size of 6000 km2 Additionally it has 7000, 12000km of seasonal flooded grassland.It has permanent crystal clear waters with a sustainable ecosystem of remarkable habitat and diverse species. In world heritage terms, this area has outstanding values both naturally and culturally.
The Okavango is exclusively unique as it originates from the Angolan Highlands, makes two rivers namely Cuito and Cubango which join to form the 15000 km long Kavango, flows briefly in Namibia along Caprivi Strip before it enters in Botswana, where it is called the Okavango Delta.
Botswana through the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism is vying to  list this unique, magnificent feature to share it with the rest of the world.After  much  thorough research by all stakeholders  including communities  involved a well written…