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Please they had cups

Well, at any given time there are many different standards of ethics around the world, depending on where you are. The main thing to know is that ethics are winding down, things are getting less ethical, and they are developing into something worse. Cups manufactured by traditional methods versus the modern ones? from ethnographic collections

How they see us

Artists to give Bonnington silos facelift
LEKOPANYE MOOKETSI Correspondent  from Mmegi Newspaper
The National Museum and Monuments, in collaboration with the Department of Youth and Thapong Arts Centre, has commissioned local artists to paint murals on the silos located at the Bonnington farm. The Bonnington farm is located in Block 5 near the Grand Palm Hotel. The silos are visible along the Gaborone-Molepolole road. The murals will depict the history of the farm.National Museum and Monuments deputy director Steve Mogotsi said the Bonnington silos are considered to be a national monument.Mogotsi said their future plan is to turn the farm into an open-air museum. He said they could also exhibit the agro-related implements, which are stored in the silos. If funds are available, they also intend to rebuild the farmhouse and convert the it into a mini museum. Another possible addition could be a coffee shop. The mini museum could be used as a place where people could gather for relaxat…

Enlivening our values

Sorry for blog posting delay. Its mainly server challenges. there is a lot that has happened notably a month long  trip to 100 monuments by a consortium of 6 researchers each made of a botanist, ethno-historian, archeologist, a geologist, endermotologist and a film photographer.It was huge covering most part of Botswana and we are all confident it will bear fruit.This is a movement to make communities earn from their heritage, wala

An exhibition themed, Enlivening our values was no doubt a resounding success. The comments by visitors at the exhibition show the outstanding creativity of the curatorial team that worked tirelessly to put this up.It coincided with International Museum Day entittled, Museum and Social Harmony.

Okavango Delta is making headlines around the world, no wonder its being listed on World Heritage Listing. And its done here at the Museum.As of now we are working around the clock through the Director of course to consult communities around the area.

This week Mmeg…

Development versus Culture

Rain Making site(shrine) in Tlokweng is ovetaken by developments of roads and sewage system.A plea has been instituted by Batlokwa Tribal Authorities through the Paramount Cheif Puso Gaborone to protect and preserve the site.The National Museum is engaged to intervene, the Museum and Relic Act is used to halt this impeding development.Motswediwaditso investigates the nature of the site, its location, its fuctional purpose and its significance.Sub cheif Matlapeng highlights.

Intangible Heritage Project

A beautiful shot of Thato Moahi showcasing Basarwa traditional garment protected at ethnographic collections: to be adapted in the upcoming ethnohistoric catalogue.The shot was carefully taken by Tshepiso at Arts and Culture.
A 4 day seminar, 2-5th February 2010  was held by UNESCO through the Ministry of Culture at Camels Inn at Mmopane: the core theme was Intagible Heritage.It was officially openend by the Minister of Sports, Youth and Culture and directed by Mr Chifunyesi who sits in the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee.Botswana has submitted its intention to ratify 2003 Conention on Safeguarding Intagible Heritage.At the core of this is to help Botswana document its intagible heritage.The Museum as custodian of culture sits in the steering committee.

Tabboos associated with cattle

pic coutesy of National Museum Audio Visual Division: Dikgafela rennaisance from Moshopa village 2009: Celebrating harvesting season: Iconic feature, leaving pots on head unaided.
Happy 2010 collegues, we hope its going to be a wonderful year now  that the world  economic recession is hinting an upward turn, the National Museum is set to continue its objective in particular Monument develoment.This however does not mean the Museum shall ignore its other core activities.Motswediwaditso radio program for one is still here recording and airing Botswana oral traditions, this week we feature taboos associated with cattle,modimo o nko  e metsi.A cow is a symblol  of wealth for most Batswana, such that if you dont have it  you are considreed poor, that is why statistaically there are more cattle than people in Botswana.
TodayElderly Informants from Makalamabedi, Mr Ramokhu Sokwane, Dikgwa Montsho, Botema Tshekiso and Botsile Ndau relate how cattle is protected through myths and taboos. What i…