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Meteriotes herald death of Chief

Incase you have seen something like this around Tuli block or Bobirwa area, please alert National Museum or Geological Surveys.Pic coutesy of Wikiedia as seen at Oregon state in the USA
Mr Mohutshiwa Gabadirwe, Botswana National Museum Geologist this Sunday will further inform Motswediwaditso Listeners after a press release from Botswana Daily News about a phenemoneon of a falling shooting star from the sky.Those who have extensively studied this are geologists. What is even more interesting is how the radio crew notably the producer, Ms Motlotle, the Presenter, Ms Sibanda are able to capture the views and opinions of Batswana about this phenemenon.Relating this occurance to the death of a King or Chief by the public interviwed is quite fascinating. The World search Wiki has this to say about this strange unusual occurance: A meteorite is a natural object originating in outer space that survives impact with the Earth's surface. Most meteorites derive from small astronomical object…